Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Host Amazing Private Parties

Garden Variety is pleased to offer our space for various events.  We host all kinds of events, and are now booking for fall.  Our rates range from $150 and up, and we can swank it up or slum it down to taste.  For basics the garden comes with around 10 tables, 30 chairs, three canopies (rain), lighting and decent sounding speaker system.  We love our neighbors so we lean towards a mellow atmosphere. Our only real bugaboo is that we don't provide bathrooms.  Lovely Christine from Sculpere Studios (Yoga & Pilates) will unlock her doors for $50, or you can whiz across the street at the Foodery (they love us because our patrons love expensive beer). 

Keep in mind that our food carts operate on a somewhat consistent schedule.  Private parties usually happen on weekdays, and in-between cart hours.  This boils down to Mon-Wed anytime, Thursday till 8pm ish, Fridays all day and evening until 9pm, Saturdays between 4 and 9, Sundays after 4pm.

The carts can be integrated with catering and parties are welcome to hang out after carts open up. Which usually means moving tables for them to roll in and get set up.

Sounds fun right?

Email frostiki@gmail.com

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