Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NLArts Annual Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

Friday, June 3, 2011
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Garden Variety will be the last stop on this awesome scavenger hunt which will raise money for the NLArts Summer Camp. The program starts at Liberty Lands with performances of The Kensington CAPA African Dance and Drum Ensemble, Drumline, and K CAPA Dancers. Then on to finding Ben Woodward and NLArts Kids wheatpasting throughout the neighborhood. One image will lead to the next as participants tour the neighborhood to find their prize.  The hunt ends at Garden Variety for food and socializing.                                    
The annual scavenger hunt is part of our effort to raise money for the NLArts Summer Camp and is open to children and adults of all ages.  This is a family event (no kid drop offs ) and costs $20/families to participate.

We also want to mention that Garden Variety will simultaneously be hosting the opening of Sculpere Pilates & Yoga Studio (next door at 209 Poplar). More on that event later!

And the Garden Grows

Mommy, can we do alfresco brunch again? Pleeeeeeease!

The little chiquitas and their parents love our Kiddie Corner, which is set up for weekend brunch hours from 11-4. We have toys, art tables, geotrax, dora games, ponies, and more!!!! Let the kids have fun while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your brunch.

Check back on the blog for details about planned activities. I am working on getting together supplies for paperbag puppets this weekend.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Look who just moved in

Thank you to everyone that has supported us!

Catered Events for Adults and Children Alike!

The garden is available for events of any "variety". Here is a sample menu from our flagship gastronomic operation, La Copine, if you want a private dinner party under the stars. Nikki and Claire can do it up fancy or BBQ style, and will work with you to create a menu within your budget.

The Dapper Dog cart would be perfect for kids birthday parties. 

We can also host corporate events, and will offer very special (or complimentary) rates for neighborhood folk and non-profit organizations and fundraisers.

We also have a great network of musicians and DJs. You all want this parts started right?

Outstanding Vendors Wanted

Garden Variety will be hosting open air markets this summer. We are in the process of putting together the perfect mix of vendors. So whether you make something (without a bird on it), have a intriguing food cart concept, or collection of anything weird, let us know if you want to be involved!

Contact Heidi at heididuffey@gmail.com  267.934.4218 or Frosty at frosty@itspleasure.com 267.456.7369.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Menu For This Weekend!

There are a couple changes on the menu this weekend - our flatbread will now be served as a sandwich and we have a new quinoa and rainbow chard salad side dish. YUM IN THE TUM! We will be open both Saturday and Sunday. Please note that we WILL be open on Sunday even if the rapture decends upon us and the world ends ;-)

We are working on setting up a childrens play/project area so that parents can really chill out while we keep the kiddos busy.

We hope to see you this weekend! We will have the canopies up (and the coffee hot) if it rains.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get our of those Jammies - La Copine brunch will be served at 11!

Don't let the clouds keep you away - it's still a beautiful day at Garden Variety! HOT COFFEE + BREAKFAST SANDWICH AND HASHBROWNS + YOUR BEST FRIENDS UNDER A TENT. So much better then staying home.
P.S. Check out the new La Copine website to learn more about your chefs du jour, Nikki Hill and Claire Wadsworth. What a beautiful site!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

La Copine Brunch Cart Grand Opening This Weekend

We are hoping for good weather as we host our grand opening THIS WEEKEND. Come by Saturday and/or Sunday between 11-4 to experience La Copine's amazing new brunch truck. Not to say you shouldn't come if it does rain - Sunday brunch under a tent in the rain with your friends sounds pretty good to me.

Here is this weekend's menu:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

La Copine Soft Opening: A Wonderful Success!

Sunday was beautiful and delicious! The La Copine Brunch truck will be in full operation this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, from 11-4. I will post a final menu soon. Also, don't forget to come back late night for your Dapper Dogs.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

La Copine Brunch Cart - Friends and Family Opening on Mother's Day!

Win a year of free Dapper Dogs this Friday

From Citypaper's "Meal Ticket" Column
by Drew Lazor

To mark the anniversary of their first year in business, Seth Russell (left) and Harry Stormes of NoLibs' Dapper Dog cart are hosting a high-stakes dog-eating contest this Friday, May 6, in the patio area of the former Arbol Café and Second and Poplar. (The have been calling this space, now known as Garden Variety, home since the city cracked down on Second Street vendors; it'll soon host
Nikki Hill and Claire Wadsworth's La Copine, too.)

For the contest, competitors must pay $5 to register by 9:30 p.m.; around 10, after the band Ryat wraps up, they'll set up what Stormes calls a "pretty traditional, Nathan's-style contest" — potato buns, boiled franks, ketchup, mustard. The first contestant to wreck 10 hot dogs, or the contestant with the most food consumed at the end of 5 minutes (like Nathan's, you can drink/dip stuff into water), earns one free hot dog a day for an entire calendar year. (The runner-up will win free dogs for a month.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

RYAT performs tonight from 8-10

It's a soft opening of sorts tonight at Garden Variety. Stop by for a free performance with RYAT from 8-10.
Drinks will be served!