Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Foo Truck, Mondays thru Fridays 5-10pm

Mr. T is not affiliated with Garden Variety

Introducing.... Drum roll please.......

They have tee shirts and business cards and everything.

Due to the size of the truck they will be operating in the garden during dinner hours Monday thru Friday.  As of now they have a tasty menu of 'pocket rolls', an Asian inspired wrap.  I hear that soup will be spooning its way out soon.

So come by and say hi to George and the Foo Team.  
Garden Variety
2nd and Poplar St, Philadelphia
Monday thru Friday
5pm - 10pm

Friday, September 9, 2011

TONIGHT! Dapper Dog and Always Sunny Grilled Cheese Co

It's looking like the unbearable heat and rain of August is giving us a break. The garden is on fire tonight with great food from Bari, Seth and Harry. Tomorrow morning, Christie Augustine will be our guest chef serving up a Tastebuds menu of

egges benedict sammich
waffles with nutella and bananas
grapefruit 'brulee'
kale salad
hash browns

We can't wait!